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Why is Krishna Blue? Why is Krishna Black?

The Enquirer

First lets get the color straight. He’s not “blue.” He is śyāma nīla.  

The color śyāma is “Dark (black), with slight blue-green coloration.” A really heavy monsoon cloud, for example, is śyāma. The color nīla is “Dark, black, bluish/greenish-black.” A sapphire (nīla-maṇi) is a common example of this color.

So, basically, Krishna is black with a sapphire-blue luster.

OK, now let’s get to the “why” part.

Why is Krishna black? Why is anything black? What is black? Black is what you see when an object reflects no light. Black things absorb all the light that falls on them, letting nothing go. When something attracts all the light, and nothing escapes, it’s black.

And that’s why Krishna is black, because that’s what Krishna is – All-Attractive.

Throughout the Veda, “light” is used to describe consciousness, because consciousness illuminates existence. Our consciousness can shine its light anywhere. When it…

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Carlos Castenada often used a term ‘Sorcerer‘ in his books which means a person who is always connected to the Source.That term can be best used to describe a Brahman.The three gunas or qualities-Sattva,Rajas & Tamas are found in every human in different proportions.Brahman is one of the four class of people who is inclined to have the Sattva guna in highest proportion.Brahman,basically,adheres to the principles of Vedas,the foundations of Hinduism.His primary duty is to practice Dharma.Everything in daily life of a Brahman is a ritual.

Early history of Brahmins-

When the Aryans arrived in India three thousand years ago,the long-established Indus Valley Civilization was on the verge of extinction.After many years,at the time of the Gautama Buddha,Brahmans held a prestigious position among all sects.They were mostly priests & teachers,who were primarily engaged in attaining the highest spiritual knowledge. A Brahman lived an ascetic disciplined life,receiving the minimum necessities of life by spreading & teaching their philosophy.Religious rituals in temples & homes of Hindus had to be performed only by a Brahman.
It was believed by everyone that Brahmins held a sacred knowledge which they kept secret among themselves.They were considered to be the ones who were closest to God or more of a liason between a man & God. This was one point which Gautama Buddha could not accept.He felt if we all are children of God,then everyone should have the ability within to seek the absolute truth.He himself being a Kshatriya, took out on his quest for the ultimate truth.In the end when he was enlightened,he taught his philosophies to others which is now practiced as Buddhism in different countries.
But why was it believed that the ceremonies & rituals could only be performed by Brahmans?What was that sacred knowledge which Brahmans held secret at that time.This question drives my attention.Brahmans believed that if a certain knowledge is kept secret, it becomes more potent.

OM Let both of us protect each other.May both of us enjoy each other.May both of us work together.Let our study become radiant.Let there be no hatred between us.

Present Scenario:
Today in modern India, the situation of Brahmans is worrisome.The community of Brahmans has seen a steep downfall in recent years mainly due to unsatisfying greed & vested interest of many political leaders.Brahmans living in the village are suffering from extreme poor conditions,while those in the cities have lost their spiritual magnificence & wisdom and have taken to over-indulgence of sensual pleasures. The secret knowledge which was their primary asset has been lost somewhere down the line.

For any society to make a progress,a balance has to be maintained.A modern Brahman must remember that his strength lies in his spiritual knowledge & as a Brahman,his motive should not be that of mere personal gain but to work for the welfare of society as well.

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The word ‘Prana’ in Pranayam means energy of life-that vital energy which we draw into ourselves from the surrounding universe every moment.Since this energy is obtained primarily by breathing,it may be translated as breath in this particular context.But the word ‘Prana’ has much broader reference for all the powers of the body & all functions of the senses & mind are regarded as expression of the force of Prana.

The importance of Prana is also found in Upanishads.The five elements-earth,water,fire,ether ,air together make the human body gifting us these powerful senses.Once these senses made a boastful assertion-“We hold the body together & support it ” where upon Prana,the primal enenergy,supreme over all of them said, “Do not deceive yourselves.It is I alone, dividing myself five-fold to hold this body together & support it.”But they would not believe him.Prana to justify himself made as if he intended to leave the body.But as he rose & appeared to be going,all the rest soon realized that if he went,they would also have to depart with him.And as the Prana seated himself,the rest found their respective places again.

The symbol of Kundalini awakening is like the rise of a serpent

There is a certain real power coiled up in every being.A huge reserve of spiritual energy is situated at the base of Spine known as Kundalini.The object of Pranayam is to arouse Kundalini & there by control the Prana by regular practice of several breathing exercises. When the Kundalini is aroused it is said to travel up through 6 centres of consciousness,reaching the seventh at the center of the brain.As it reaches the higher centers,it produces various degrees of Enlightenment.

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By the period 500 B.C. man had already climbed the ladder of Evolution to a great extent.Only with his feet & hand-made boats, he had reached to every suitable corner of Earth.
Science was still very far from the picture.Man was still  unable to control the natural forces outside & use them to serve himself & his community.We can not say exactly,but perhaps this was the time when Yoga was born in India.During this period, Indian yogis turned their attention to control the forces of nature within the body.

The yogis were aware of the very fact that soul & body are two different things.Although they are different,but they pretend to be one.The string which ties the soul to the body is Breath.

Breath is not just the exchange of Carbon dioxide & oxygen.For different levels of thought & emotion go through,our breath takes on different patterns.You may be either angry,happy,peaceful or sad.During the change of emotions,our breath goes through subtle change.
The founder of ‘Isha Foundation’ (which works for the care of HIV affected people) Sadhguru Vasudev once said, “Whichever way you breathe,that is the way you think.Whichever way you think,that is the way you breathe.”

Hence (under an expert guidance),breath can be used as a tool to do many things with body & mind.In Patanjali sutra of Yoga,it is stated that Mind can be calmed by expulsion & retention of breath.Modern Science agrees that method of respiration affects the whole organism.

Mental disturbances are accompanied by irregular breathing-rapid,shallow & uncontrolled.There are two causes for activities of Mind-
Of these,the destruction of one leads to the destruction of both.This is one of the most important knowledge ancient Indians have given to the world.And even today,it remains a mystery for many of us.

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Swami Dayanand Saraswati was the founder of Arya Samaj

1.God is the primary source of all true knowledge & of all that can be known through it.

2.God is existent,intelligent & blissful.He is formless,almighty,just,merciful,unborn,infinite,unchallengeable,beginning-less,incomparable the support & lord of all,omniscient,imperishable,immortal,fearless,eternal,holy & the maker of the universe.To him alone the worship is due.

3.The Vedas are the scriptures of true knowledge.It is the duty of all Aryas to read them,hear them & read recite them to others.

4.We should always be ready to accept the truth & give up untruth.

5.All actions should be performed in conformity with Dharma i.e. after due consideration of right & wrong.

6.The primary aim of Arya samaj is to do good for all, i.e. promote their physical,spiritual & social well being.

7.We should treat all people with love,fairness & give due regard for their merit.

8.We should aim at dispelling ignorance & promoting knowledge.

9.One should not only be content with one’s welfare but should look for it in the welfare of others also.

10.One should regard oneself under restriction to follow altruistic rulings of society,while in following rules of individual welfare,all should be free.

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One has to follow a certain set of rules in order to practice Yoga which indirectly helps to progress towards achieving the state of Samadhi or Cosmic Union.The seeker should adhere to these rules strictly.It is not that one can not practice meditation without these but it is essential because these disciplines purifies the seven Chakras or Energy  centers located in 7 different parts of body.When the chakras are not under strain or exhausted of their energies,they can be easily pierced by Kundalini.

1. Avoidance of Sloth:
Sloth is a term used for laziness.It makes a way for delusion of Mind.One must get a minimum 6 hours of sleep & maximum of 8 hours,while avoiding laziness in work throughout a day.


After avoiding Sloth,one must consider his duty to keep him/her self physically fit.Walking,stretching exercises & running should be included in daily routine for at least half to one hour either in early morning or early evening.Heavy workouts in gym,sadly may not be of great help.

3.Intake of Nutritional foods:

Stomach is a very sensitive organ.Its care is very important because the second chakra known as wheel of Energy is located here.Well balanced meals of nutritional foods such as Wheat,barley,rice,milk,ghee,butter,green vegetables,honey,dried ginger,pure water are very beneficial to those who practice Yoga.Bitter,sour,saltish,oily,meat,garlic,onion,Junk & other non-vegetarian foods should be avoided.

This is another important physical aspect which needs to be taken care of.Cleaning of impurities of body by regular bathing along with keeping our surrounding environment clean must be done.

5.Avoid toxic substance:
Cigarettes,alcohol & other hard drugs are to be completely avoided.

This needs to be understood in proper perspective.Repressed Sex creates problems in human psyche & over-indulgence makes one impotent & frustrated.So a balnce is to be sought.After all new ventures in Sex are surely not going to lead us to higher states of Consciousness.

Up till now,the 6 disciplines were targeted for the purification of body.The last 4 disciplines aims at purification of Mind itself.


This is to achieve the single pointedness of mind.You’ve to learn to focus your mind on the present moment.

8.Right Thought:
Take effort to stop unwholesome thoughts (greed,anger,resent,hate) from arising & take effort simultaneously to cultivate wholesome thoughts of love,forgiveness,kindness,compassion,gratitude.

9.Seva:Seva‘ is an action  performed willfully without seeking the fruits of action.Any action can be performed in such a way.Unconditional Love put into smallest of action can make it divine.Seva is a powerful tool to purify mind from our conditions which tells us to focus more on results & fruits of the actions performed.In Bhagavad Gita,Krishna tells that Seva is the most pure & highest  form of action.Do seva,then more seva & more seva.


Sangh‘ is term for the company of people around you.Good company involves people seeking spiritual values or who have already attained self-realization.Krishna tells that,one simple way to achieve the knowledge of supreme is to hear about him regularly through someone who has right knowledge.

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