I live in God’s Mind.

I’ve been brought into this world of form for a particular reason.The reason is for the Growth and Benefit of Mankind.
In scientific terms, we call it EVOLUTION.

Hence, we can say there is a mysterious life mission assigned to all of us.And if we keep ourselves connected to our SOURCE, one surely goes to achieve the mission for which he/she was born on the Earth.
When all of us share that LOVE and make it the essence of our being, it helps to keep mother Earth alive.

And the secret mission for all of us is to make this DREAM more beautiful than ever.

Long live mother Earth,Long live Humanity!


About RandyGoatboy

Hi friends,I'm 22. A Mechanical Engineer(ooops!) who Loves playing Guitar,traveling & wild adventures,listening to Rock (let's keep it alive guys). More importantly, I've found out some truths about this crazy thing called LIFE but I often don't find the right people around me with whom I can share these truths.You may be the One I'm looking for. After all,an Enlightened Being would always want to share LOVE with humans from every corner of Earth.
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  1. RandyGoatboy says:

    These words came out of me one day,perhaps,when my soul wished to express itself.Now I read this message every night before going to bed.This message brings with itself an absolute serenity of Mind for me.You,too,can give it a try if you like.


  2. Hello Randy…great to meet you. I agree that our purpose here is to love and eventually master unconditional love – a difficult initiation that may take several lifetimes.

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  3. RandyGoatboy says:

    Hello madam, I m delighted that you came over & threw some Light.
    I agree that the unconditional love is fundamental force of universe.
    Everything & everyone (knowingly or unknowingly) is driven by this force.


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