About 5,000 years ago; as human civilization grew,survival no longer depended on instant fight or flight of jungle.Survival & happiness now depended on tuning in to the overall situation involving ourselves,people around us & total environment of here & now.Perception,wisdom & oneness are now ingredients of effective & happy living.The four higher levels of Consciousness are


1.LOVE– In this center,you are able to accept instantly everything & everyone around you.You now know that everything people do is part of their journey towards Awakening.As you break through the illusion of duality & separation,you begin to realize that it was only your head(ego) that previously kept you from loving people unconditionally.

2.CORNUCOPIA– Your perception has increased enormously.You begin to experience life as one ‘miraculous’ happening after the other.You feel that you live in a friendly world that will always give you enough when you live in these higher centers.Your world is perfect as it continuously provides you experiences that you need for your overall development as conscious being.

3.CONSCIOUS AWARENESS– Your body & mind may be involved in daily drama of working,playing,feeling,doing,etc but the real YOU which is a place deep inside you will be watching it all as a magic show.You begin to experience yourself as an actor on the greatest stage,that is LIFE.You begin to observe your life from a quiet corner within you in which there is nothing to ‘do’ but ‘see’.You are AWARENESS of your Consciousness.

4.COSMIC AWARENESS– In this center,you transcend from self awareness to pure awareness.Everything is experienced from a space where we all (Living & Non-living) are ONE.You become a GOD-like being.Now,you completely understand that you are not your body,mind,thoughts,ego,feelings rather you are just the witness of all things.


About RandyGoatboy

Hi friends,I'm 22. A Mechanical Engineer(ooops!) who Loves playing Guitar,traveling & wild adventures,listening to Rock (let's keep it alive guys). More importantly, I've found out some truths about this crazy thing called LIFE but I often don't find the right people around me with whom I can share these truths.You may be the One I'm looking for. After all,an Enlightened Being would always want to share LOVE with humans from every corner of Earth.
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  1. Allison says:

    Hi Randy,

    Just wanted to say I’m so glad to have found your blog! It is beautiful.

    Wishing you peace & love, ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


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  2. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

    So where do these levels of consciousness come from? If self and duality and the physical world are all basically illusions, then how did we get stuck in the state of being trapped by these illusions in the first place, necessitating “transcendence”…?


    • RandyGoatboy says:

      A human brain is like a computer which has gradually evolved in period of million years.These levels of consciousness are like programming. They are not something outside of us.In earlier stages of evolution,our brain was automatically programmed with security,sensation & power in order to survive in the jungles.


    • RandyGoatboy says:

      And then came a phase when great souls like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed & many others were born who taught humans that there is no need to get stuck on three lower levels but by practice of love,forgiveness, compassion we can attain wisdom. And by doing so ,we can program our brains to higher levels of consciousness. Only then can we achieve the extreme possibilities which a human is capable of -ENLIGHTENMENT, in which he/she is able to see that the whole universe is an illusion.

      Thanks for raising the doubt for everyone here.I hope I was clear.


      • RandyGoatboy says:

        You are right in a way that when you transcend everything you arrive at nothingness or emptiness but that’s not death.I would like to quote a beautiful story- A man went to Gautama Buddha & said that some people say god is like this & some say god is like that.Some even say that there’s no god.What should I believe?Then Buddha says don’t believe someone because they are the authority, don’t believe because majority of people believe in it ,don’t even believe because I have said it.Believe only what your personal experience teaches you.

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      • RandyGoatboy says:

        In a similar manner, don’t believe that universe is a illusion because I have said it or if someone else says that.You have to believe on your personal experience. In fact ,even if I write an essay on this thing you will never come close to it because words can never truly describe what an experience can be.Until & unless you have that experience yourself, you will never be able to comprehend it.So believe on your experience.


      • RandyGoatboy says:

        What I can recommend for you is a book ‘tree of enlightenment’ in the menue section Books to read.That could be a great help to you but only if you are willing. Thanks for discussing


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