New Physics:
For approximately three centuries,Newtonian Physics ruled the stage.But the beginning of 20th century marked the dawn of Quantum Mechanics or New Physics.Most people think Quantum Mechanics is way beyond the grasp of man unless you have a crazy scientific brain.But you don’t have to write a research paper or make a new discovery in this field,you only have to understand the basic outlines.

The ideas of new physics when wholly grasped can produce extra-ordinary experiences.The famous relativity theory of Albert Einstein proves that Space & time are mental constructions.Quantum Mechanics shows that there is no ‘external world that lies out there’,Man is embedded in Nature.Each of these different experiences is capable of changing us in such ways that we’ll never again be able to view the world as we did before.

If one would to imagine a baseball to the size of earth,atoms would be like the size of grapes.Earlier it was believed that atoms are indivisible but now we know that atoms can still be broken into Sub-atomic Particles such as neutron,electron & proton.

Theory of Elementary Particles:
Imagine a large city made entirely of bricks.The city is filled with building of all shapes & sizes.Every one of them,streets & roads as well,have been constructed with only few different types of bricks.If we substitute ‘Universe’ for the city & ‘particles’ for bricks,we have the theory of Elementary Particles.

Universe is a pattern(more rightly,patterns) of energy.If we were able to stand behind a master weaver as he begins to work on his loom,we see,at first not cloth but different brightly colored threads from which he picks & chooses with his ‘expert eye’ & feeds into moving shuttle.As we continue to watch,the threads blend one into other,a fabric appears & on the fabric a pattern emerges.In a similar manner,from a limited set of colored threads,he is able to weave out different patterns which finally appear as different colorful clothes.weaverYou can see,that master weaver is God/Love/Evolution(Whatever you choose to call it).The entire Universe including the visible physical world is like different patterns of clothes.We all are nothing but elements which were once formed in the core of a burning Star.If you can imagine further backwards,you can reach all the way to Big Bang where everything & everyone,You & I including were ONE.

Thanks for the vistit & reading.I would love to hear your views,so feel free to comment in the below section.


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Hi friends,I'm 22. A Mechanical Engineer(ooops!) who Loves playing Guitar,traveling & wild adventures,listening to Rock (let's keep it alive guys). More importantly, I've found out some truths about this crazy thing called LIFE but I often don't find the right people around me with whom I can share these truths.You may be the One I'm looking for. After all,an Enlightened Being would always want to share LOVE with humans from every corner of Earth.
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