Thousands of years ago,our animal ancestors left Africa & first moved to Europe.Then they gradually spread to other parts of the Earth.I always had a curiosity to know about the first humans who stepped on the land which we today know as INDIA.What did they believe about their position in Universe?How advanced were they in knowledge of science & soul?My desire was fulfilled one day when I found a research paper on the same issue.

It is considered to be one of the oldest civilizations of humans;as old as the civilizations of Babylonian & Egypt.It flourished from 3300 to 1800 B.C.E.It extended from what is now south Pakistan in the West to a point near Mumbai in the South to a point near Shimla in the east,near the foothills of Himalayas.

The spread of Indus Valley Civilization (3300-1800 B.C.E.)

The spread of Indus Valley Civilization (3300-1800 B.C.E.)

If you look at the map of Asia,the geographical spread of Indus Valley civilization was immense.Not only the civilization was stable for more than 1000 years but it was also advanced both materially & spiritually.

Materially,Indus valley civilization was an agrarian economy.They exhibited a great degree of skill  in irrigation & urban planning.There are evidences that they evolved a system of mathematics  based on binary model (the same which is used in modern computing).They even developed a script that remains undeciphered  up to date.

Early Excavations of Mohenjo daro

Early Excavations of Mohenjo daro

The paintings & excavations like Mohanjo daro & Harrapa provide many evidences that point towards the spiritual excellence of Indus valley civilization people.Some of them were:
-Meditation or the practice of training the Mind was clearly present.
-Practice of renunciation,that is,abandoning the household life & living the life of ascetic was also common.
-They believed in the concept of rebirth of soul occurring over countless no. of lives.
-A moral responsibility extending beyond this life-that is to say,some form of conception of Karma was also present.
-There was a paramount goal of liberation of soul from endless cycle of birth & death

Although as an Indian student,we came across this topic in grade VI in our history books;but this research is completely different.These were some of the outstanding features of the people of Indus valley Civilization.Something was about to happen which would soon bring this advanced civilization to a point of extinction.


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