Although I write for everyone but this one is specially dedicated to people of community ‘Universe is a Thought‘.
I personally do not believe in numbers but what I do believe is in finding different reasons to celebrate life.Life is a journey & each & every part it is to be enjoyed.It has been one month since I began blogging & now the community includes more than 100 thoughtful,mindful,inspiring & loving human souls from different corners of the Earth.

We all are unique in someway or the other but the common feature that links the people of this community is that everyone is doing his/her best to bring love & peace into his/her own life while simultaneously sharing it with many others.
We know that we all come from different nations,caste,religion & every other artificial division man has created for himself in order to separate two humans but we people acknowledge the true nature of consciousness–a level on which we all are same (i.e. human consciousness).

We have certainly realized that the happiness & serenity can not be be found in worldly pleasures.Although it may seem,it can’t be even found in a realization of a dream.The true happiness which brings with itself sheer fulfillment,bliss,supreme joy can only be found in loving unconditionally,helping those in need,acting kind,forgiving our greatest enemies,remaining in a state of gratitude towards everything we see & observe.

We people have become aware that we do not have to wait for the right moment to come in our life,when a expecting person/thing arrives; in order to practice above mentioned qualities.We do it NOW, right NOW, right where we are sitting at this moment.

Among billions of people,100 is a very small number.Since the only way Love knows is to grow,I believe that our community will be further expanded by the inclusion of people who have or will witness the mysterious unfolding of life & who have got the courage to seek the absolute truth.

Cheers to every single person in community,Namaste.


About RandyGoatboy

Hi friends,I'm 22. A Mechanical Engineer(ooops!) who Loves playing Guitar,traveling & wild adventures,listening to Rock (let's keep it alive guys). More importantly, I've found out some truths about this crazy thing called LIFE but I often don't find the right people around me with whom I can share these truths.You may be the One I'm looking for. After all,an Enlightened Being would always want to share LOVE with humans from every corner of Earth.
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13 Responses to CHEERS TO EVERY ONE

  1. Annette Rochelle Aben says:

    Honored to receive and return the honor!

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  2. Allison says:

    Namaste, love. Beautifully said. I am so glad to be here. 🙂

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  3. jjspina says:

    Thank you for this lovely post. If we all gave more and took less it would be a better world. But we can start now doing good. You are so young to know so much about love and giving. Bless you!

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  4. lilaosborne says:

    Appreciate you stopping by my blog. Your blog is beautiful, looking forward to reading more. I have huge dreams also, just waiting for the right energy to show up… I call myself an emergineer 🙂 ❤

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  5. manav1234 says:

    #Nyc #ONe


  6. Opher says:

    Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    Love, truth, tolerance, freedom and justice. That’s my philosophy.


  7. Opher says:

    Nice to meet you!! Love Rocks!! That’s what I believe!
    We all help build a positive zeitgeist for the world!!

    All the best Opher

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  8. Your ideas are an affirmation of meaningful living. Thanks visit my blog.

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