His words will echo through Eternity

There are some artists whose contributions are immense, but people forget them as the arrow of the time passes.People even fail to recognize their work, (unless they are made to realize).One of such artists was Anand Bakshi.
For a few,he does not need an introduction but for many of us today,he does.Anand Bakshi was one of the greatest lyricist of his time;the only one (along with Majrooh Sultanpuri) who enjoyed a long successful career in Indian Cinema.

It seems to me that the word Artist & Struggle go together.The phase of Struggle can be compared to the process of giving heat treatment to upgrade the quality of ‘gold’. More you heat the gold, more pure it gets.Similarly, when an artist goes through struggle phase, the real ‘artist’ in him grows.His connection with the divine Spirit grows stronger & if he is able to hold on through this tough phase,he is likely to Succeed.

Anand Bakshi is just one of many examples who had an inspiring life story.He was born in Rawalpindi in 1930 which was still  a part of India at that time.His dream was to join Bollywood, interestingly as a Singer but he faced an opposition from his family ( another common ‘Artist’ feature).He ran away from his home to join Indian Navy in a hope to reach Bombay.Due to partition of India in 1947, he was forced to rejoin his family in Lucknow.

He took a job as a Telephone Operator, but he was still determined to run after his dream.He got his first chance to write for the film Bhala Admi (1958);for which he did not receive much recognition.Then followed long periods of struggle (almost 4-6 years) when he had to work as a Motor mechanic in Delhi.
Mr.Bakshi was still persistent even after so many troubles.He got another chance in Jab jab Phool khile (1965) but the 1967 blockbuster Milan set the stage for a golden age which followed Anand Bakshi.

Persistence is the most important key to Success.


Anand Bakshi had arrived & he was to ready to Rock.He pulled off some great numbers like Geet gata hoon main,Ye jeevan hai,Gaadi bula rahi hai,Ye kya hua;to name a few.Another song ‘Zindagi ke Safar me’ is undoubtedly one of the best song ever written in Hindi.
A creative person comes to the world & enhances its beauty.He makes the world dance better,enjoy better,love better,meditate better & so on.When Anand Bakshi left the world on 30th March 2002; he left a better world behind him.


About RandyGoatboy

Hi friends,I'm 22. A Mechanical Engineer(ooops!) who Loves playing Guitar,traveling & wild adventures,listening to Rock (let's keep it alive guys). More importantly, I've found out some truths about this crazy thing called LIFE but I often don't find the right people around me with whom I can share these truths.You may be the One I'm looking for. After all,an Enlightened Being would always want to share LOVE with humans from every corner of Earth.
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5 Responses to ANAND BAKSHI

  1. Fantastic tribute to a legend who gave us so many memorable songs. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂


  2. ashokbhatia says:

    Yes, struggle and fine arts and literature somehow go hand in hand. Very few get wide recognition. Good tribute to a great person!

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