One has to follow a certain set of rules in order to practice Yoga which indirectly helps to progress towards achieving the state of Samadhi or Cosmic Union.The seeker should adhere to these rules strictly.It is not that one can not practice meditation without these but it is essential because these disciplines purifies the seven Chakras or Energy  centers located in 7 different parts of body.When the chakras are not under strain or exhausted of their energies,they can be easily pierced by Kundalini.

1. Avoidance of Sloth:
Sloth is a term used for laziness.It makes a way for delusion of Mind.One must get a minimum 6 hours of sleep & maximum of 8 hours,while avoiding laziness in work throughout a day.


After avoiding Sloth,one must consider his duty to keep him/her self physically fit.Walking,stretching exercises & running should be included in daily routine for at least half to one hour either in early morning or early evening.Heavy workouts in gym,sadly may not be of great help.

3.Intake of Nutritional foods:

Stomach is a very sensitive organ.Its care is very important because the second chakra known as wheel of Energy is located here.Well balanced meals of nutritional foods such as Wheat,barley,rice,milk,ghee,butter,green vegetables,honey,dried ginger,pure water are very beneficial to those who practice Yoga.Bitter,sour,saltish,oily,meat,garlic,onion,Junk & other non-vegetarian foods should be avoided.

This is another important physical aspect which needs to be taken care of.Cleaning of impurities of body by regular bathing along with keeping our surrounding environment clean must be done.

5.Avoid toxic substance:
Cigarettes,alcohol & other hard drugs are to be completely avoided.

This needs to be understood in proper perspective.Repressed Sex creates problems in human psyche & over-indulgence makes one impotent & frustrated.So a balnce is to be sought.After all new ventures in Sex are surely not going to lead us to higher states of Consciousness.

Up till now,the 6 disciplines were targeted for the purification of body.The last 4 disciplines aims at purification of Mind itself.


This is to achieve the single pointedness of mind.You’ve to learn to focus your mind on the present moment.

8.Right Thought:
Take effort to stop unwholesome thoughts (greed,anger,resent,hate) from arising & take effort simultaneously to cultivate wholesome thoughts of love,forgiveness,kindness,compassion,gratitude.

9.Seva:Seva‘ is an action  performed willfully without seeking the fruits of action.Any action can be performed in such a way.Unconditional Love put into smallest of action can make it divine.Seva is a powerful tool to purify mind from our conditions which tells us to focus more on results & fruits of the actions performed.In Bhagavad Gita,Krishna tells that Seva is the most pure & highest  form of action.Do seva,then more seva & more seva.


Sangh‘ is term for the company of people around you.Good company involves people seeking spiritual values or who have already attained self-realization.Krishna tells that,one simple way to achieve the knowledge of supreme is to hear about him regularly through someone who has right knowledge.


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