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DHARMA- A Staiway To Heaven

Yesterday,two of my friends had come to my house with their guitars.We were¬†learning to play the famous song of 1971 ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by the band Led Zeppelin. When the session was over,we were into some serious talk.From a certain … Continue reading

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All living beings are alike,insofar as they are subject to the afflictions,yet there are many differences among living beings with which we all are familiar.For eg.Some of us are born in wealthy family while others are born in extremely poor … Continue reading

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Karma is one of the fundamental topics found in Hindu philosophy.Just like the law of attraction,understanding the concept of Karma moves you from a competitive plane to a creative plane.Although Karma & Rebirth go together but let us first focus … Continue reading

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We find an interesting parable in Lotus Sutra,one of the several Buddhist texts.It is about a Physician & his sons.The story goes like this: A well trained physician who has been away from home for a long time returns to … Continue reading

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Earlier in my teens,whenever I inquired about Buddha,all I got to hear was his life-story.No body knew anything about his teachings.Since past one year,I was desperate to learn more about the teachings of the Buddha.Soon,the Universe,just like it always does,answered … Continue reading

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Ego is one of the most important topics to study because in the end,you have to surrender of ego in order to wake up from this illusion/dream which seems like a reality to you.In the previous post,I explained EGO from … Continue reading

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Some of the profound teachings of Gautama Buddha were- 1.Four Noble Truths 2.Interdependent Origination 3.Three Universal Characteristics 4.Five Aggregates of Experience I’ll be writing about three universal characteristics in this post.Before proceeding,you must note that Just as the Ocean,although vast,is … Continue reading

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