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DHARMA- A Staiway To Heaven

Yesterday,two of my friends had come to my house with their guitars.We were¬†learning to play the famous song of 1971 ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by the band Led Zeppelin. When the session was over,we were into some serious talk.From a certain … Continue reading

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We find an interesting parable in Lotus Sutra,one of the several Buddhist texts.It is about a Physician & his sons.The story goes like this: A well trained physician who has been away from home for a long time returns to … Continue reading

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Earlier in my teens,whenever I inquired about Buddha,all I got to hear was his life-story.No body knew anything about his teachings.Since past one year,I was desperate to learn more about the teachings of the Buddha.Soon,the Universe,just like it always does,answered … Continue reading

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Some of the profound teachings of Gautama Buddha were- 1.Four Noble Truths 2.Interdependent Origination 3.Three Universal Characteristics 4.Five Aggregates of Experience I’ll be writing about three universal characteristics in this post.Before proceeding,you must note that Just as the Ocean,although vast,is … Continue reading

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Read my words if they come to your reach, Of a Mystical experience I would love to preach. A community of cells, I was a creation of GOD. Lost my ego, Lost my thoughts. A white light then shined in … Continue reading

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BUDDHISM-A Derivative of Hinduism

People need to correct their perspective about Buddhism.Although Gautama Buddha was born in Lumbini,India (presently in Nepal),very few people in India have any knowledge about Buddhism or Buddha, leave the rest of the world (I’m not counting the Buddhist countries … Continue reading

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I read these powerful words whenever I feel like what had actually happened to me on the night of 10th Jan,2014. The three pillars of self, time & space all undergo profound transfiguration in such an experience. There no longer … Continue reading

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