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Trees are yogis –

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Esoteric Interpretation of Christ’s passion –

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The Tree Of Life (1/5)

Originally posted on IWI Hub:
1960 Maui Work Tape 368 Side 2 The Tree of Life Joel S. Goldsmith Part 1 of 5 Good afternoon.         We are trying now to understand the nature of the contemplative way of life,…

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Why is Krishna Blue? Why is Krishna Black?

Originally posted on The Enquirer:
First lets get the color straight. He’s not “blue.” He is śyāma / nīla.   The color śyāma is “Dark (black), with slight blue-green coloration.” A really heavy monsoon cloud, for example, is śyāma. The color nīla is “Dark, black, bluish/greenish-black.” A sapphire (nīla-maṇi) is…

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Carlos Castenada often used a term ‘Sorcerer‘ in his books which means a person who is always connected to the Source.That term can be best used to describe a Brahman.The three gunas or qualities-Sattva,Rajas & Tamas are found in every human … Continue reading

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Humans have been gifted with greatest of all powers-Imagination.It is because of this power that we’ve been able to make such a huge difference to the way of life on Earth.It gives us the ability to co-create & makes us … Continue reading

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Our brain is divided into halves -Left hemisphere & Right hemisphere,both of which are connected at the central of the cerebral cavity by a tissue.We shall take a look at how the 2 sides of brain function & what is … Continue reading

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