I would like to put up for everyone list of Inspirational quotes & Spiritual quotes.The best way to achieve optimum efficiency out of these is to read them several times a day.You will get to see from a wider perspective every single time you read these.

Any idea can be planted in Sub-conscious mind by repeated faith & expectancy.Write them in cards &  put extra efforts to carry it with you the whole day.Keep reading them until they fill your sub-conscious brain & you will start witnessing MAGIC in your life.

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES-These are the quotes from some of the most successful people in the world who have analyzed what it takes for a HUMAN to build a dream & go all the way to manifest it.

SPIRITUAL QUOTES-Humans are the highest form in evolution process.No living creature has the ability to understand the Universe as we do.These are the quotes which will make you realize what it is to be like a HUMAN.
You can make a strong connection with the Source from which everything has originated.You will soon find that the Source is at no distance from you.It resides in you as well as in everything that you see,hear,touch & smell.


One Response to MAGIC QUOTES

  1. Polomi says:

    You are absolutely right about putting extra effort to carry quotes that inspire us. I love collecting words that inspire me spiritually and if you visit my page you’ll see how I have embellished it with a beautiful collection of quotes. It’s an extra effort that I have put to embellish my life as well 🙂 Loved your blogs, cheers!

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