Our brain is divided into halves -Left hemisphere & Right hemisphere,both of which are connected at the central of the cerebral cavity by a tissue.We shall take a look at how the 2 sides of brain function & what is … Continue reading

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Blind credulity which accepts all kinds of dogmas & creeds without question,repeating parrot-like what has been taught & closing its ears to doubt & reason.Such faith is compounded of laziness,obstinacy,ignorance & fear.Because it is rigid & unyielding it can be … Continue reading

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A four letter word fills the entire cosmic space, Covers the farthest galaxies along with an infinitesimal ace. Love is in the life & death of a star, It’s the only thing responsible for who we are. Love draws the … Continue reading

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Read my words if they come to your reach, Of a Mystical experience I would love to preach. A community of cells, I was a creation of GOD. Lost my ego, Lost my thoughts. A white light then shined in … Continue reading

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In the 20th century,a lady named Nirmala Srivastava from India,often known as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi by her devotees,took upon her shoulders a task to help & guide people on their path to spiritual realization.She devised a form of yoga … Continue reading

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BUDDHISM-A Derivative of Hinduism

People need to correct their perspective about Buddhism.Although Gautama Buddha was born in Lumbini,India (presently in Nepal),very few people in India have any knowledge about Buddhism or Buddha, leave the rest of the world (I’m not counting the Buddhist countries … Continue reading

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I read these powerful words whenever I feel like what had actually happened to me on the night of 10th Jan,2014. The three pillars of self, time & space all undergo profound transfiguration in such an experience. There no longer … Continue reading

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