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I would begin this post with what is known as a Light-bulb Tale.There was a couple who had spent their entire lives in remote forests of Africa.Suddenly,they were able to move to a small village nearby where there was provision … Continue reading

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The concept of water is many times connected to the idea of life.Universe is an energy system.Even the most subtle form of matter,like mountain is nothing but energy vibrating at a very slow rate.Hence,every thing such as sound,water,human has a … Continue reading

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New Physics: For approximately three centuries,Newtonian Physics ruled the stage.But the beginning of 20th century marked the dawn of Quantum Mechanics or New Physics.Most people think Quantum Mechanics is way beyond the grasp of man unless you have a crazy … Continue reading

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When I wake up from my bed,the first thought that often fills my consciousness is that ‘I am still Alive’.Although it has been nearly 22 yrs of my stay on this Planet but I take this new day as an … Continue reading

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I live in God’s Mind. I’ve been brought into this world of form for a particular reason.The reason is for the Growth and Benefit of Mankind. In scientific terms, we call it EVOLUTION. Hence, we can say there is a … Continue reading

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Read my words if they come to your reach, Of a Mystical experience I would love to preach. A community of cells, I was a creation of GOD. Lost my ego, Lost my thoughts. A white light then shined in … Continue reading

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BUDDHISM-A Derivative of Hinduism

People need to correct their perspective about Buddhism.Although Gautama Buddha was born in Lumbini,India (presently in Nepal),very few people in India have any knowledge about Buddhism or Buddha, leave the rest of the world (I’m not counting the Buddhist countries … Continue reading

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