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Rene Descartes sat on the table,contemplated for a while & wrote something which Humanity will remember till its stay on the Earth, In the last post ‘THOUGHT’,I tried to stress on a point that we relate with everything & everyone … Continue reading

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Thought is much more than something you do.It is that 99% part of you,which Buckminster Fuller referred to as invisible & untouchable.The remaining 1% is the physical body of yours which can be seen & touched. You relate everything & … Continue reading

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When I was in grade 6,I had some friends who took extra classes to learn Guitar.Even though I knew about Guitar since that time,I never considered to learn how to play one.It was only in the later part,when I had … Continue reading

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There are two types of energies of Supreme-Superior & Inferior.Let us look at both one by one. Inferior Energy- Krishna says, “Earth,water,fire,ether,air,mind,intelligence,false ego-all together these eight constitute my separated material energies.” We can see,the first five components,namely Earth,water,fire,ether & air … Continue reading

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We shall start with the word ‘FORM‘,the center of Transformation.It is a term that describes physical you.Form includes your bones,arteries,blood vessels,skin,eyeballs,kidney,heart & anything you can name in physiology. Everything that you see in that pile of Form can also be … Continue reading

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In India,the economic distribution has been extremely poor since many decades.Along with huge population,it remains to be one of the major reasons for unbalance in every aspect of the country.Our neighbor nation,China,which faced similar problems,has made progress in front of … Continue reading

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SOUL-The characteristic of the soul is Consciousness.We can not observe the soul from our senses.But its presence can be felt from Consciousness.Just as on a cloudy day,we are unable to┬ásee the Sun.However,due to the light of the sun,we are sure … Continue reading

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