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There are some artists whose contributions are immense, but people forget them as the arrow of the time passes.People even fail to recognize their work, (unless they are made to realize).One of such artists was Anand Bakshi. For a few,he … Continue reading

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Blind credulity which accepts all kinds of dogmas & creeds without question,repeating parrot-like what has been taught & closing its ears to doubt & reason.Such faith is compounded of laziness,obstinacy,ignorance & fear.Because it is rigid & unyielding it can be … Continue reading

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Humans, by all odds are the most social animals-more interdependent,more attached to each other,more inseparable in our behavior.We are linked in circuits for the storage,processing & retrieval of information.The collective human intelligence is a kind of live computer,working efficiently & … Continue reading

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DHARMA- A Staiway To Heaven

Yesterday,two of my friends had come to my house with their guitars.We were¬†learning to play the famous song of 1971 ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by the band Led Zeppelin. When the session was over,we were into some serious talk.From a certain … Continue reading

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